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Who am I?

My name is Dorith Zandhuis, the founder of MOVE WELL Physiotherapy and Training. A Dutch Physiotherapist living with my family in Villmergen, Switzerland. After working for more than 6 years for Physiotherapy Vesters, I started my own Physiotherapy and Training clinic. As a child I was always sporty. I played Field hockey at a higher level for years but have practiced many other sports. This active approach can be found in my treatments, but for everyone at their own level. I provide you with a high standard of physiotherapy, training and nutrition advice. I will do my utmost to give you the best experience and treatment that you deserve. With personal attention and up to date knowledge. 

Move Well in standing for Movement and Wellbeing. For me, physiotherapy is more than diagnostics, information and musculoskeletal treatment. Also, your wellbeing, hours of sleep, way of moving, nutrition and physical mindset are playing a big role in your recovering or training. I believe if we can bring those factors together and in balance, we can find your optimal or required state of performance and creating longevity. I want to help you and inspire you to make health, movement and wellbeing a part of your lifestyle.  My mission is to let patients and clients move without pain or injuries. But most important let them enjoy moving. It simply makes people happier! 

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