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Ragip Thaqi

Our Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

BIA measurements
In a bio-impedance analysis, weak electrical impulses are sent to determine the BMI, metabolic age, body fat percentage, muscle mass and many other values. This measurement allows you to determine your current status and track your progress, which makes it easier to adjust your training and diet.

Personal training
As a certified personal trainer, I will analyse your current fitness level with you and we will carry out various training sessions based on this. I pay attention to your execution to avoid any injuries. By constantly changing work-outs, we provide your body with new stimuli to improve your fitness and general well-being.

Nutrition coaching
During nutrition coaching, I will guide you through the "nutritional jungle" and support you in achieving your best form. During the coaching sessions, we will discuss your eating behavior and define what changes you need to make to achieve the figure you want.

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