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Sport Physiotherapy on the field & Workplace Advice

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Do you need literally help on the field? With years of experience in training/coaching as a field hockey trainer, physiotherapist at sport events, I would love to help your team!


On the field we offer, physiotherapy, fitness maintenance with core stability, cardio and strength programs. To make sure your team has the right mindset, teambuilding, fitness level and to reduce the risk of injury!


For companies we offer workshops on posture, workplace equipment and advice (ergometry), and fun movement and exercises for maintaining your body strength and posture during and after work. The body is not made to sit for hours! Depending on which industry you work in, we can adjust this service to your wishes. Please get in touch with me, through the contact form.

I am currently providing physiotherapeutical car and training for the first teams of FC Villmergen and FC Sarmenstorf.

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