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Pilates is a systematic full-body workout.

Central to all exercises are focused breathing and stabilization of the spine through targeted use of the deep torso muscles (abdomen, back and pelvic floor)
This improves awareness of the body, coordination of movement, physical stability and mobility.
Regular Pilates training can have a positive influence on your posture, can improve your performance in the sport you practise or help you to achieve lasting freedom from pain after therapy.

In this class Menn are also very welcome! Every Monday from 17.45 - 18.45.


About Yvonne teaching style:


Creative, contemporary, anatomically based adapted Yoga & Pilates. I attach great importance to precise, easy-to-follow instructions and individual adjustments. I teach with a clear intention and a pinch of humor.

Price List

60 min - 28 CHF

5er Abo - 130 CHF

10er Abo - 260 CHF

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