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BeBo Pelvic Floor training & Courses

Move Well offers pelvic floor therapy in individual and group sessions.
Pelvic floor training pays off! Because a healthy, elastic pelvic floor has a positive effect on your back, posture, sex life and much more. Therefore: take care of all your muscles and train them throughout your life - starting in everyday life at home, at work, during sport...  

A healthy pelvic floor is alert, active, elastic and balanced between tensing and releasing.


  •     Pre-birth Pelvic Floor course & training

  •     Postnatal recovery courses after the birth

  •     Pelvic Floor Basic course for everyday integration (fit in everyday life)

  •     Individual therapy (for example after an operation or for continence or urination problems).

At Move Well, we offer training with the PelvicTool:
The PelvicTool is a therapeutic device that has been specially developed and manufactured for the treatment of functional disorders of the pelvic floor muscles. These include impotence and other sexual disorders, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence and pelvic instability. The PelvicTool can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in order to improve their function or to alleviate or prevent pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Depending on your knowledge and body awareness, the device is suitable for independent use as well as in therapy accompanied by a specialist.

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