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Introduction to Physiotherapy


With the help of physical therapy, functional disorders can be stabilized, reduced or avoided. To make sure that normal posture and movement is possible again or you learn how to deal with remaining limitations as best as possible.

At our first appointment, I form an utmost possible assessment of your complaints by examining you and asking questions. Together with you I will set up and discuss your personal treatment plan. Every person is different, every complaint is different and everybody reacts differently. The number of treatments depends on the complaints and its severity. In addition to handling complaints, I pay a lot of attention to prevent them from returning.

Important to know, I am member of Physioswiss(the Swiss Physiotherapy Association).  Physiotherapy with prescription is taken over by the compulsory Health insurance (KVG).  Private treatment cost 65 CHF for 30 minutes. Appointments must be canceled 24 hours in advance, otherwise we are legally allowed to charge for this treatment.

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